Training offered by Maison Marie-Rollet

Prevention and awareness of violence against women   


This service is exclusively offered by our team and adapted according to the needs of different environments. It is aimed at:


  • Professionals likely to have to detect violent situations;
  • Students in a learning environment who wish to broaden their knowledge of violence;
  • Women living or at risk of experiencing a violent situation;
  • All settings with a need for prevention and awareness of violence.


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SIPI Training: The Foundation for Intercultural Participation and Education  


“It is sometimes difficult to take the time to assess the impact of our support in an environment where everything is fast and urgent. However, we need to take an essential step back so as not to fall into the hell of helplessness or vicarious trauma.” 


SIPI training was designed by Maison Marie-Rollet and Nancy-Anne Walsh, consultant, and community group trainer. 


This two-day training course is intended for support workers working in an environment with customers who have suffered different experiences. More than an analysis, SIPI is a program that can be implemented in your organization. It offers concrete tools to deal with high risk situations of helplessness.


More specifically, it will lead the groups to:


  1. Understand the impact of feeling helpless on psychological health;
  2. Use concrete tools to uncover situations at risk of feeling helpless;
  3. Evaluate the impact of their support on their customers;
  4. Work with case studies to manage risk as a team;
  5. Implement SIPI in their workplace.


The training, both practical and theoretical, is offered based on case studies of organizations and the use of SIPI analysis grids. 


Training is available for groups or individuals


* Possibility of subsidy from Emploi-Québec.


For any information:

Nancy-Anne Walsh : 418-848-9659 

or Marie-Claude Langlais : 418-688-9024