Maison Marie-Rollet : A comprehensive solution for women who are victims of violence

Founded in 1961, Maison Marie-Rollet was at the time a temporary refuge for women in distress.

Now the Maison offers:

Safe accommodation for abused women and children in their care;

Recovery of the health and well-being of abused women and their children;

The reduction of problems that compromise the balance, development, and autonomy of women and their children.

Not just a shelter, but a full support for women

The Maison accompanies abused women, with or without children, and anyone who considers themselves a woman in a violent situation through shelter, post-care and external support.

Femme avec le drapeau arc-en-ciel sur son T-shirt
Femme avec une main tendue en gros plan

The mission of the Maison: to welcome, support and respect all women

During her stay at la Maison, the woman is guided and supported in her search for solutions. Each member of the team respects and supports her in her choices and decisions.

The many facets of violence against women

Violence has many facets. We often believe, wrongly, that it can only be physical. It is not the case, as it is the manifestation of one person’s desire to control another. It is therefore essential to recognize all the forms it can take.

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Femme soucieuse devant une fenêtre

Demystifying violence against women

Because the false beliefs surrounding violence against women are still widespread, one of the missions of the Maison is to educate people in order to put an end to myths and prejudices.

How to help an abused woman?

Do you want to help an abused woman? It is crucial to consult a support resource for adequate protection of the woman and her children. Furthermore, anyone who wants to support a woman in this situation must be well equipped.

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