Our mission

To offer a safe hostel combined with personalized support aimed at the development of a woman’s independence and the regaining of empowerment over her life.

Our customers 


  • Abused women with or without children
  • Anyone who considers themselves to be a woman in a violent situation 


All women can come to the shelter with their children.  


We offer our services to all women and children without distinction, exclusion, or preference based on culture, color, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, political beliefs, language or social standing.  

Femme avec le drapeau arc-en-ciel sur son T-shirt

Our objectives 


  • To help the woman to take a step back from her situation;
  • To support and enlighten women in their search for solutions;
  • To respect and support women in their choices and decisions.


Support philosophy 


A support philosophy is the way we conceive and approach our work, the values ​​that we carry, and that color our action.




Accommodation is on a voluntary basis. We support you on your journey while respecting your pace and your choices.


Respect for specific needs


Each person receives services adapted to their situation. Each stay is different and women find their own solutions. 


The resumption of power 


We aim for the development of independence. We encourage you to recognize your personal worth and make your own decisions. 




We advocate tolerance in group life in the face of difference. All housed women and children have their place in the shelter, regardless of their situation. 


The rejection of violence in all its forms


We carry out awareness-raising work on violence in shelters, and also among the general population.


The feminist approach is quite simply a way of putting your values ​​into action. 


Frequently asked questions 


I am not a victim of physical violence, can I still use your services?


Whether the violence has been clearly identified or not, any woman who questions her relationship and feels uneasy about it can seek the services of the House. 


Will I be forced to file a complaint or to leave my partner?


No, you can come to the shelter to reflect on your relationship and any action will be voluntary on your part.


Is there a cost for shelter?


No, but you can make a voluntary contribution.


How long can I stay in the shelter? 


The length of each stay varies according to your needs and action and the situation of each woman.


Can I bring my animals to the shelter?


In principle. this is not possible, you will have to think about boarding your cats and dogs. If it is a small animal that lives in a cage or in a bowl or jar, you can always call us to come to some agreement.


Can I go out, continue my work and my usual activities?


Of course. However, you will not be able to have visitors or receive deliveries in order to maintain the confidentiality of our address and the people in the shelter.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.