Apron Equality is on the menu!

Cost: $15 + shipping and handling. 


How to order (3 options):


  • By phone: (418) 688-9024
  • By email at  
  • By mail to: CP 20004, Belvédère branch, Quebec G1S 4Z2 (Available in navy, black or red) 



There is no magic wand when it comes to promoting equality in relationships. It takes many ingredients and the use of the right tools to achieve the desired result. In order to prevent and counter violence, we came up with the idea of ​​creating a tool that could be useful on a daily basis, that is inexpensive, original, and symbolic at the same time. Bearing a simple but thought-provoking slogan, the apron is meant to be unisex: it echoes domestic life and traditional roles while pointedly calling them into question. This is why we have eliminated the traditional embroidery and blue flowers that we usually find there; it can therefore be just as useful to Mr. or Mrs., in the kitchen as well as in the DIY workshop. There you will also find a reference to our website which offers a wealth of information on violence and a description of our services.

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