No matter what field we work in, we sometimes come across situations of violence and question ourselves about the approach or support to be carried out. Whether it is to better identify a victim or to better equip you, Maison Marie-Rollet works in partnership with various resources. Do not hesitate to contact us about any concerns you have regarding the issue of violence.


It should never be forgotten that it can be dangerous for a victim to leave their abusive partner. It is strongly recommended that you consult a help resource specializing in violence that can provide them with adequate support. These resources can help the victim create protection scenarios within the relationship, but also if they are planning to leave an abusive partner in an emergency. The most important thing is that the woman and her children are safe.


Here are some ideas to help you support them:


  • It is difficult for victims to talk about their experiences of violence. Adopt an attitude of understanding by avoiding judging or blaming the person; 
  • Listen to her and offer her your support without pressure to prevent her from becoming isolated; 
  • Remember that she understands her own situation well – let her make her own decisions at her own pace and without telling her what to do;
  • Avoid speaking out against the partner and instead condemn the violent behavior. Remind the victim that violence is unacceptable, that her partner is the only one responsible for his actions, and that she does not deserve to be treated in this way, regardless of the justifications for the violence;
  • Give her information about existing resources and encourage her to seek help;
  • Encourage her to file a complaint if she is a victim of crime, support her and guide her towards the resources that can assist her in her efforts.